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Your primary language may be either English or Chinese, and you may be based in Australia, China or operate within both countries, but do you know you require professional and experienced lawyers, for whom a core priority is building a caring relationship with their clients?

Welcome to Accuro Legal, an international law firm with a wide experience of understanding the needs of both our English and Chinese clients, in either China or Australia, and of delivering the legal advice or solutions they require.

We offer powerful and proven assistance across a wide range of core legal services:

  • You might be seeking advice regarding corporate affairs or transactions, be involved in potential commercial litigation scenarios or require experienced dispute resolution services.
  • Your concerns may involve property, leasing or other business matters; or be seeking advice regarding family law concerns or migration situations.
  • You might require public notary, trust and estate services – or be involved, in some way, in a criminal or traffic law matter.

With our wide experience of Australian law, and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Beijing, our services are much in demand where the legal situation crosses such international boundaries.

Whatever your situation, our experienced and empathetic Chinese lawyers and Chinese migration agents at Accuro Legal are ready to help deliver the advice you need and work towards the solutions you seek.


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