Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution – we understand what ‘winning’ means

Our solicitors’ experience range from debt recovery matters, personal or corporate insolvency cases, prosecuting and defending cases that are factually and legally complex, to assisting clients in the enforcement of foreign judgments in Australia.

We believe in understanding your goal from the outset.  We will work with you throughout the process so that it can be reached.  We understand there is more to what defines a “win” than a court judgment.

In addition to the legal aspects, we know there are often commercial and personal considerations which may be equally important to you.  Accuro has a team of solicitors who will work professionally toward devising a practical strategy.  This includes assisting you in negotiating a favourable settlement if and when this is warranted.

Our solicitors have acted for a wide range of clients, from publicly listed and private companies, company directors, small businesses, and individuals.

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